About Ultimate Student Athlete


Ultimate Student Athlete inspires and transforms young student athletes in LA through mentorship, physical fitness, spiritual guidance, and academic support.


We envision a world where all children can attend college, realize their unlimited potential, and live a fulfilled life.

Core Values

We believe everyone has unlimited potential. We strive for constant transformation and evolution into the highest version of one’s self.

We believe passion and enthusiasm ignite greatness. We are mentors, friends, counselors and motivators. Our programs encourage self-discipline and individual empowerment by balancing thought, belief and action.

We believe in staying in the race and staying ready, until the work is done. We require commitment to the process and to the goals of success.

We see the greatness in each and every one of our youth. We ask that each focus on the process, because they can never get it wrong, and the process is never over.

Erich C. and Yvette C. Nall, Owners and Founders

Erich, a product of South Los Angeles, is fondly known as Coach E and has been a prominent figure in the Los Angeles community throughout his life, as an educator and promoter of health, physical fitness and self-improvement.

Erich left his executive position in corporate America in 1986 to follow his passion to help more children in South Los Angeles become higher achievers in elementary school.

Erich and Yvette founded Collegiate Search Youth Organization. An organization that offers tutorial support and academic assistance, including preparation for standardized tests, to elementary and high school students. The goal of the program is to help students successfully matriculate through elementary school and on to receive their college degree. To date, Collegiate Search has assisted more than 5000 students (male and female) into colleges and universities across the country.

The desire to bring health and wellness to the community at large prompted Erich to create Ultimate Transformations Training, coaching and training many successful professional athletes, actors, models and others in the entertainment industry.

Through Ultimate Transformations Training, Erich and Yvette have been training youth, and mentoring young men and women. As the youth need for services has grown steadily over the past several years, the time felt right to start Ultimate Student Athlete, to focus on the needs of the student athlete.

The fundamental goal of the program is to assist young men and women as they strive to achieve a healthy mental, physical and spiritual balance, and seek to fulfill their unique purpose in life.

Erich and Yvette both received their Bachelor of Arts Degree from Whittier College. Erich received his Master of Business Administration from Northrop University. Erich is also a certified nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach.

Erich is the author and Yvette the publisher of 21 Days to Ultimate Health and Wellness. Their desire is to share the message of mental, spiritual and physical wellness with the world.

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